A Culinary Sensation in Memphis – Pretty Taco

Eagerly Awaiting the Arrival Memphis is bracing itself for the grand opening of Pretty Taco this upcoming Tuesday. Its unique take on local cuisine could redefine the city’s food scene.

Ready for Launch Under Halsey Werlein’s management, Pretty Taco is set for a significant soft launch. The team, at Front and MLK intersection, buzzes with excitement.

Menu Mirrors Local Spirit Werlein promises tacos with a local twist. They have a barbeque taco with a Central BBQ hint and a soul burger taco resembling Ernestine & Hazel’s classic. Plus, there’s an innovative LGBPTQ taco.

Fresh Identity for a Known Spot Pretty Taco is breathing new life into 265 S. Front Street. Known from ‘Bluff City Law’ and as the former Paramount Restaurant, the spot now has a fresh identity.

Creating Unique Dining Experiences Pretty Taco stands out amidst Memphis’s high-end eateries. It promises a laid-back, vibrant experience. Here, you can enjoy a margarita, play pool, and appreciate artwork by local artist Ron Wood while relishing their tacos.

Experience Pretty Taco Pretty Taco opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Remember, this Tuesday’s soft launch is an invite-only event. More details are in the original article on news channel 3 wreg. Ready to taste? Order now.